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Introduction: Bolero From Repurposed Sweater

About: Hey, I've been lurking around this site for some time. Really incredible place. The Sew Warm contest inspired me to create my first Instructable. Hope you enjoy.

This adorable Bolero was created from a sweater and a few accent pieces. It is shown being worn over a simple cotton shift with a wide band of lace.If you’ve ever seen items similar to this in a boutique you know how pricey they are. This Bolero was inspired by one costing over $150.00.The main image shows this project created with a solid black sweater and white trim.To inspire you, the instructions feature a celery green sweater and fuchsia trim.You’re going to be amazed at how easy this is.I believe that creativity inspires creativity.Make just one, and you’ll be filled with ideas to alter and enhance an entire wardrobe.

Step 1: Materials

1-  solid color sweater

1-  9”x 9” multicolored thin knit fabric

1-  9” x 9” gray and white patterned thin knit fabric

1-  black t-shirt with running man icon

1 - pkg double fold bias tape

3-  sheets double sided fusible web

Usual sewing supplies

Of course you may alter any of these items to create a Bolero that is uniquely your own.

Step 2: Remove Collar

Stay stitch around the collar. Simply sew around the collar just inside from where you will be cutting.

Remove collar. The stay stitching will prevent the sweater from unraveling.

Step 3: Remove Bottom

Lay the sweater out flat.

Measure down 17” from the shoulder seam.Mark with tailors chalk all around the bottom edge.

Stay stitch on the chalk line.

Cut off the bottom of the sweater just below the stay stitching.

Step 4: Apply Multi-colored Applique

 Apply double sided fusible web to the back of the multi-colored knit fabric.

Position the multi-colored fabric on the sweater.Center on the front of the sweater with the bottom of the fabric square lined up with the bottom of the sweater.

Iron in place.

Important: Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instruction for the fusible web.

Step 5: Apply T-shirt Applique

Apply double sided fusible web to the back of the Running Man icon on the t-shirt.

Cut out t-shirt icon creating an interesting shape.

Center the cut out on the multi-colored square.

Iron in place.

Step 6: Apply Stylized Flower Applique

Apply double sided fusible web to the back of the gray and white patterned knit fabric.

Cut out a simple flower shape. Vary the petal size and shape.

Position the flower on the upper left shoulder area.

Iron in place.

Step 7: Top Stitch Appliques

Top stitch around the edge of each appliqué.

A simple straight stitch works well or you may wish to use a decorative stitch.

An exaggerated red line was used to show the stitch lines.

Step 8: Open Center Front

Locate and mark the center front of the sweater.

Stay stitch ½” on both sides of the line.

Cut the front opening in the sweater.

Step 9: Hem the Bottom

Fold the bottom edge up ½” towards the inside of the sweater.

Fold up again to create a finished edge. Pinning as you go.

Stitch around the bottom, close to the upper edge of the folded seam.

Step 10: Bias Tape

Starting at the bottom front opening – pin bias tape to the edge so that the bias tape encases the unfinished sweater edge.

Work up the front opening, around the collar and back down the other side of the front opening.

Top stitch as close the edge as possible.

Step 11: Shorten the Sleeves

Measure and mark sleeves 15” from the shoulder.

Instead of stay stitching the sleeve, use fray check to prevent unraveling.

Let dry.

Cut off sleeve.

Fold the bottom edge up ½” towards the inside of the sweater.

Fold up again to create a finished edge. Pinning as you go.

Stitch around sleeve close to the upper edge of the folded seam.

Repeat on the other arm.

Step 12: Ready to Wear

Congradulations! Your sweater to Bolero transformation is complete.

Note: If you would like to make the white cotton shift to wear with your Bolero you will need Simplicity (New Look) pattern # 6352, 2.5 yard of cotton, 1 yard lacy fabric. Measure and cut 10" off the bottom edge (hem) of the pattern. This is now your pattern for the lacy fabric, be sure to add a seam allowance to the cut edge. Next, lay out the pattern pieces on the cotton, cut, sew the lacy fabric to the cotton fabric. Finish constructing the shift  according to the pattern instruction. The Simplicity New Look pattern is a 1 hour easy design.

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