Introduction: Bolo Toss / Ladder Golf a Stable Version

This was a fun Sunday project. I’ve played this game with the PVC version and I found it to be a bit wobbly. I wanted a more stable (although much less portable) version for my family to play in the yard. It turned out so well, I think I’ll build one for the cottage also.

Few 8’ 2x4’s
2 6’ 1 1/2 “ dowels (I used wood closet clothes rods)
Some Old cheap golf balls

1st Step -  Build the Rung Holders
Cut 4 4’ 2x4’s
Do the following to each of the 4’ 2x4’s
Measure down 1” and mark the center of the 2x4 (this is your top rung)
Measure down 14” from the 1st rung and mark the center of the 2x4 (this is your 2nd rung)
Measure down 14” from there and mark the center of the 2x4 (3rd rung)
Drill out each Rung with a 1 1/2 “ hole saw

2nd Step Build the 2 Bases
Cut 8 20 1/2 “ 2x4’s (these will hold your rung Holder 2x4’s)
Mark the middle of each
Cut 4 27 ½” 2x4’s (these will box off the bottom and give the rig stability)

3rd Step - Bang it all together
Each Rung holder is supported by 2 20 ½” 2x4’s at the bottom
Then take 2 of these supported Rung holders and connect them with 2 27 ½” Stability 2x4’s (creates a box with 2 Rung holders sticking up

4th Step - The Balls
Drill as many old golf balls as you wish. I used a vice and squeezed 4 at a time. Then I drilled them with a 9/16” drill bit.
Cut your string (I used paracord), so that you can tie 2 balls together with 10” in between the 2 balls. I tied the balls together with a bowline knot.
Paint the balls fun colours
Paint the rungs fun colours

Have fun!!