Introduction: Super Cool Carousel

This Instructable will walk you through the process of making a Carousel. Free reign is given with the animals, colors, extras, and dimensions. We printed our animals to be about 1.5 inches long and the diameter of the carousel to be 9 inches and it worked pretty well. Have fun with it!

Step 1: Decisions

We decided which animals to use.

Step 2: Decisions Pt. 2

We decided how big we wanted them to be, also how big the carousel would be.

Step 3: Animals

Find your animals or make your animals on a 3D printing design site such as Onshape. Then print animals to proportionally fit your carousel's size. Also, make sure you have holes in your animals so you can attach poles through the holes of the animals.

Step 4: Benches

If you do not want all animals, a good alternative is benches! Design or find a bench of the 3D printing site just like you did with the animals. However, do not make holes in the benches. Carousel benches are fastened to the bottom of the carousel and not suspended on poles like the carousel animals.

Step 5: Top and Bottom of Carousel

Craft a top and bottom for the carousel out of wood or honestly whatever you would like. Any shape will do, just make it a shape that you can fill with animals/benches. Color, paint, and decorate to your heart's desire. :)

Step 6: Assembly

Attach the animals to the poles through the holes. Make sure to fasten them together with glue. Attach all poles to the top. Also, fasten benches to the bottom. Once all are attached and fastened like so, attach the bottom of the carousel to the top.

Step 7: Extra

Ideas for Extra Decoration

-add a motor for a movable carousel

-add lights for a blinky carousel

-add a fancy top for a fancy carousel

-add pretty colors for a colorful carousel

-add real horses for a super realistic carousel (just kidding)