Boneless 2: Off a Wall (Boneless to Wall Plant)




Introduction: Boneless 2: Off a Wall (Boneless to Wall Plant)

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  • You have to know how to boneless
Items needed:
  • Skateboard
  • Wall

Step 1: Ride

The first step is to ride up to your target, which, in this case, is the wall. You can go any speed that you are comfortable with. I usually go a medium speed, but for this Instructable, I went kind of slow.

Step 2: Grab and Step

A couple feet from the wall, reach down and grab your board. While you are doing this, your front foot should be stepping off and planting itself.

Step 3: Pulling Up

Start to pull up your board while keeping your back foot on it. Your front foot should stay where your planted it.

Step 4: Turning

Continue to bring your board up. While bringing it up, start to turn your body. Your back foot should start to come off, but not too much.

Step 5: Planting Your Back Foot

As you continue to turn, you will need to bring your back foot off and plant it on the wall. Your front foot (on the ground) will probably need to start to come up.

Step 6: Pushing Off Wall

Once you get your back foot on the wall, you will need to push off the wall. Your front foot should be off the ground (or almost). You will still need to keep turning your board.

Step 7: Bringing Legs In

You will now need to bring your back foot off and pull your front foot up. Your board should be completely turned 180 degrees from starting point in step 3.

Step 8: Preparing to Land

Let go of your board and start to straighten legs.

Step 9: Landing

Continue straightening legs. Your feet should be on your board now.


Land and stick your landing. Ride off. 

Step 11: Here's a Video

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    You have some good instructables. You should post more on skateboarding for n00bs like me.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice quick little skate instructable -- I feel inspired to perhaps make one of my own!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. There needs to be more skating tutorials like this.