Introduction: Bonus: the Papercraft Moose

This is a bonus for my other instructable: Create faceted paper-objects
If you like it, please vote for me there while the papercraft competition still runs)

I had hoped that the deer would get some positive feedback. But what really happened totally blew my mind. More than 100.000 views and more than 1.000 likes. Thank you so much!!

That's why I wanted to share an other template with you: The Moose I was talking about in the comments. Some folks asked if they could build that too.

To make it a little more educating, here the tale of me failing to build it. Not because the design is flawed, but because I used builders foam in an attempt to make it more stable.
So enjoy my "How NOT to do it" and my attempt to save the work I had put into it.

The template is attached to the last step, for those of you that can't wait... ;)

Step 1: What I Had...

I got pretty far with my moose. The antlers were done, the neck and head. I even had both of them glued together.

But the antlers were too heavy. The head would dent in under the weight. So I had the great idea to use builders foam to stabilize everything by filling the head (at least the sides) with foam.

Step 2: Bring in the Foam

The antlers were firmly attached to the head alright, but...

Step 3: Expansion

As the foam expanded over the next hours it bursted the nose. And since I had the whole thing lying on the side, the dents it had from lying were now permanently frozen by the foam.

A complete failure!

Step 4: New Nose

I had to cut off the nose, carve out the foam and glue in a new nose.

With residues of the foam sticking to the paper I couldn't get a tight grip of the new nose. The were gaps all around it now. But at least it was back on.

Step 5: Backplate

I skipped this part in my deer-head tutorial. The backplate gives the moose more stability and serves as a mounting point. Just slip it over a nail or screw when you're done.

I take the template, stick it onto the heaviest piece of cardboard i can find and cut out the outer shape.
Then i sketch in a few holes, so that I can reach inside the moose to push out dents or to apply pressure from the inside when glueing. Just make sure, that you're not taking away too much of the cardboard. You want to keep it stable.

Step 6: The Template for the Moose

So here it is. Some of you requested it. The template for the moose:

Template on my dropbox

The last six pages are for the antlers. You can tell by the level of detail.
The triangles are a lot smaller than for the head and neck.


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