Introduction: Bonzai Buds

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in this lovely and 215 compliant instructable :D I will show you how to transform your medicinal marijuana with normally one single cola bud in the middle into "Banzai" buds which produce numerous Cola buds and show superior growth and strength as well as a much larger outcome in the end!

Step 1: Get Your Supplys!

I didn't have much to work with in my case, and all I used was some blue tape and nothing else!

Step 2: Tape and Enjoy!

Some people have a preference and start tying them down early in growth as it makes a more natural growth to it. Me personally I wait till the plant gets older in growth until i start to bozai them up. i take each large stock and inch down a tad one by one and pull them down a little more each day until reached my desired needs :) water, grow, medicate and enjoy!