Introduction: Book Backgammon

You will need :

1 pencil

1 ruler

1 old book

1 cutter


Any colour paper or a marker

A backround picture for your backgammon

2 dices

Pebbles or buttons for the pieces.

Step 1: Cutting

At first you draw with your pencil and ruler a rectangle and then you cut the lines with the cutter ( don't cut the first and last page of the book ). Like in the picture. Then glue the pages together.

You can find an other helpful guide here Turn a book to a backgammon - chess board.

Step 2: The Picture.

Find a picture you like , cut it the size of the rectangle and glue it on the first and last pages . You should use a picture with few colours so that you will not feel dizzy during the games. A picture with many colours will prevent you from seeing where are the pieces. As you can see I chose Bender ( DO THE BENDER ! :P ) from Futurama series. The figure is in the middle of the board and the rest is orange.

Step 3: The Triangles

There are two ways of making the triangles :

1. Draw them with a marker on the board ( be careful , it may leave a mark on the pages )

2. Cut black ( or any colour it matches ) triangles depending the size of the book and then glue them with glue stick.

Step 4: The Pieces

In this case I used pieces from an old backgammon to complete the game but, you can use painted pebbles or buttons in two different colours ( usually black n white ) 15 for each side . Then the dices and you're done !