Introduction: Book Case for Tablets

I couldn't find a neat book like case for my tablet and so I had to make my own.

Step 1: Things Required

  1. Thick Cardboard
  2. Decorative paper (your choice of paper)
  3. Scissors and sharp cutting blade
  4. Paper glue
  5. Hot glue

The rest of the instructable might give you a better clue about the materials. Read on.

Step 2: Find Suitable Cardboard

Find some cardboard that will serve as the front and back cover for the case. Some old table calendars have a firm cardboard that you could use. Rip apart the calendar pages to get the cardboard.

Note: While making my tablet case I didn't document the process properly and so this instructable will make use of paper instead of cardboard. Lets pretend that I'm showing the steps using cardboard. As this is an after process, I shall use hand drawn illustration too.

Step 3: Mark the Tablet Dimesions

Place the tablet screen side down on the cardboard and mark its dimensions.

Step 4: Mark an Outer Border

Draw a border 1 cm away on the outside of the tablet dimensions. Then cut along the outer border using a sharp blade or scissors. The cutout will serve as the front cover.

Step 5: Mark Dimensions for the Bottom Cover

As a shortcut, use the front cover cutout to mark the dimensions for the back cover. Place the cutout on the second sheet of cardboard and mark its dimensions. Then cut along the border to obtain an identical back cover.

Step 6: Two Cutouts Serving As Covers

You should now have two identical cutouts which will serve as the front and back covers

Step 7: Prepare Strips for Holding the Tablet

We now need to make some strips to form a box like extrusion where the tablet will rest.

Place the cover on some spare cardboard and mark the outer dimension for the strips as shown in the figure. Then draw an inner dimension to make the strips about 0.5 cm in width. Cut out the strips. This is the most time consuming part of the process as the strips need to be cut carefully and you shall need many of them.

Step 8: Wrap the Covers With Paper

To make the covers neat, we need to wrap the outer surface in some nice paper. Place the cover on some nice paper and mark the paper for cutting. Make sure to keep an extra border for folding over. Once the front and back covers are wrapped in paper, it'll hide any messy cuts or stains on the cardboard.

Step 9: Bind the Two Covers

Stick some thick paper between the two covers to form a binding between the covers (like a book)

Step 10: Stick the Cardboard Strips

Stick the cardboard strips on the bottom cover. Layer them to form the box like extrusion. You can use paper glue or hot glue to stick the strips. Make sure the tablet fits while sticking the strips.

Step 11: Add Some Cushioning

Stick some flannel cloth under the top cover to protect the tablet screen from scratches and some cloth where the tablet will rest.

Step 12: Give Finishing Touches

Make the case look good and carry your tablet in it.