Book Gift Bags




Introduction: Book Gift Bags

Completely versatile in size, these paper gift bags are super quick and easy to make. Use paper ribbon and they are able to be fully recycled!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

Paper sheets- your paper can be any size, it depends on how big you would like your end package to be. These are used for necklaces and start off as 14cm x 10cm. They also dont need to be cut perfectly as imperfections are usually hidden. Experiment! You can use old, damaged books, regular paper, whatever you fancy!

Hole punch- a single hole is easiest but you could use one hole of a two punchy

PVA glue- a glue stick just isnt sticky enough


Pegs or paper clips

Clear ring reinforcers (optional)

Tissue/stuffing (optional)

Present (optional ;) )

Step 2: Glue Your Paper

Glue one edge of your paper and roll it into a tube. Dont use too much glue and you can 'smear' it with the paper to stick a wider edge.

Step 3: Peg That Tube!

You can hold this until it is dry enough to put down but this gets a little tedious, particularly if you are making more than one! Use pegs or paper clips to hold the ends in place while it drys.

Step 4: Squish and Glue End

When the main edge is dry enough to hold together, apply a thin layer of glue to the very inside lip of one end and squish it together. Ue the little bit of excess glue that squirts out to get right into those corners.

Step 5: Peg This End Too!

Peg or paperclip this end together until (almost) dry too. Just don't glue your paperclips to your paper!

Step 6: Squish Other End (its All Very Technical Terminology)

When the end is dry, press the other ends together it the other direction to make a triangular type shape. This end is not glued.

Step 7: Punch Your Hole for Ribbon

Use your hole punch to punch a hole in this new end, through both sides. This will be where you will put your ribbon. If the paper is thin or delicate, you can add clear ring reinforcers for strength.

Step 8: Insert Tissue/filling/present and Ribbon

Fill up the package with tissue, crinkly stuff, cotton etc and pop in the present. Pull the ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow. Done! If you use paper ribbon, it's completely recyclable! :)

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