Introduction: Book Page Bag

I have found many great ideas on instructables so far and since there was christmas a few days ago, I decided to search for something I could make for my mum. I found this instructable about how to glue book pages on your shoes, which inspired me to do something similar and in the end, I came up with this really easy book page bag. It won't cost you much and doesn't take a lot of time to make (if you aren't a book freak like me and can't decide on which book you'll rip apart). So, hope you like it!

Step 1: Step 1: Tools & Materials

- a bag (I used a black one because I liked how it fitted with the book pages but you can use whatever you want)

- book pages (optionally, you can use also book pages that contain pictures like I did)

- paint brush (I'd recommend to use a bristle brush because it's easier to spread the glue then)

- scissors

- transparent sealant glue (I used the UHU Poly Max Express which comes in a tube of 75 ml)

- a wooden board or something similar (to put inside the bag so the glue won't soak through the fabric and it's easier to apply the pages since it's more stable)

Step 2: Step 2: Preparing

As you might have foreseen, it's necessary to rip out the pages out of some book and when you've done that, you simply rip apart the pages in pieces of different sizes. I tried to use the parts of the pages where there was a lot of writing on them because then, the bag will be covered more densely with writing and the final result looks a lot better. Still, I left a few book page pieces with the original margin and saved them for applying them to the outer parts of the bag to have straight edges in the end (as you can see in the picture 'cause this is a little hard to explain)

Step 3: Step 3: Glueing

Now, that's the part we've all been waiting for. Not a big deal, you put the piece of wood into the bag and simply glue the book pieces to the fabric. I recommend you to glue both, the front and the back of the pieces, because it takes a while for the glue to dry and reach its final stickiness (so don't panic if your pages won't stick all to well in the beginning, they will do so after a few hours).

I covered the bag's front only, you can of course do the back as well but it's kinda hard to glue the pages around the corners because the glue is quite though. And, like I said previously, I used the book pieces with the straight edges for the outer parts.

Now, make sure you applied enough glue to the pages so that they really hold on to the fabric, especially at the edges because there, the pages come off again more easily and you don't want that . I'd also recommend you to not lift the bag before the glue dried out of the same reason.

Step 4: Step 4: Finish

When the glue is dry, cut away parts of the book pages that might stick out over the edge. If that's not the case, don't ;) - Congratulations, you're done! Thank you for reading and I hope these instructions were useful for you in some way!