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When I ran into all these wonderful book page pendants, I knew I had to make a pendant along the same lines. I didn't want to mess around with with resin, so I turned to a recent favorite of mine: washers.

This nice little pendant is fairly easy to make and uses text from a real book. The washer part of the pendant can be removed from the wire, which makes it easy to flip the pendant around. The pendant in the pictures has text that was cut out of the scripts I used when I was in Hamlet and The Tempest.

Wire (I used gauge 20)
Two Washers (The dimensions of mine were 3/4" outer diameter, roughly 5/16" inner diameter)
A page of text
Double sided tape
Mod Podge


1. Draw a circle on the page around the two text that you want to put on your necklace. Make sure the circles are larger than the hole in the middle of the washers, but smaller than the washers themselves. Cut out the circles.
2. Stick a tiny piece of double sided tape on the back of the each circle and tape one circle to the inside of each washer. If you put the washers together, the text should end up facing out.
3. Stick the two washers together with the double sided tape pieces that were used to attach the text. Make sure that the pendant looks however you want it to look, and then surround the edges of the washers with superglue to keep them together
4. Spread a small amount of mod podge over either side of the paper part of the pendant. Wipe off any that gets on the surface of the metal. This is just to protect the paper.
5. Take a wire and wrap the middle of it tightly around the pendant, as seen in the pictures. Kink the ends of the wire (but not too sharply) when they meet, having reached full circle. Twist them together a time or two, and then wind the rest of the wire around a small, circular object to create a hole for a chain to go through. The pendant should be able to pop in and out of the wire. Bear with it, this step can be a little frustrating. I had to throw away a wire or two before I finally got it right. It'll work eventually.

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