Introduction: Book Page Roses

I am obsessed with repurposing old books and love making paper flowers, so I have decided to show you how I have joined both my passions to make - book page roses.
There are many variations on how to make paper roses, however I feel this is one of the easiest and quickest methods to achieve a realistic looking flower.
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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- a medium sized old damaged book that won't matter if you rip the pages out of. Please do your research and ensure you aren't destroying a first edition one of a kind antique book.
- scissors
- hot glue and hot glue gun
- a stem, I use cloth covered wire from the local craft shop, but you could also use a recycled coat hanger, skewer or thin stick as a stem
- a toothpick or skewer

Step 2: Make the Petals

You will need to cut 3 squares of equal size from the pages of an old book. I use 11cmx11cm squares, obviously the bigger the square the bigger the rose.
Fold each square into a triangle, and another triangle and then another triangle. The end result should be a third of the size of the first triangle. I hope the pictures help, you will have 3 small folded triangles.
Take one of the small triangles and keep it folded with pointed end facing down. Cut the open top to make a dome shape (it should look like an icecream cone). Use this shape as a template to cut the other two triangles into icecream cones, make sure the folded edge is facing the same way each time.
Place all 3 together and cut off the bottom point.
Unfold each piece and cut them as shown in the photos. Altogether you will have 6 petal pieces consisting of - 1 petal, 2 petals, 3 petals, 5 petals, 6 petals and 7 petals.

Step 3: Glue and Curl the Petals

Recrease each fold on the petals to a valley fold so they all sit the same way.
Using a hot glue gun (because it bonds so fast) stick the edges together on the 3, 5, 6 and 7 petal pieces as shown in the photos.
Use a skewer or toothpick to curl the edges of the petals, however curl the 1 and 2 petal pieces (separately) completely around themselves.
Compile the rose starting with the biggest number of petals on the bottom working your way up to the smallest, gluing as you go. For example: place a circle of hot glue on the bottom of the 6 petal piece and sit it on top of the 7 petal piece, press it together so the glue will stick. Do the same with the next piece and so on, eventually the base of the 3, 2 and 1 petal pieces will poke through the hole in the middle of the flower.
As you are compiling the flower make sure each layer of petals sit off centre to the previous. Work quickly as the glue will set fast.
The end result will be a book page rose with a small hole through the centre.

Step 4: Add a Stem

Put a decent dab of glue on the end of your chosen stem. Place the unglued end down the centre of the completed flower and pull it through so the glued end sits inside the flower. Wait for the glue to set.
You have now completed a book page rose. Make a bunch and display them in your favourite vase or give them to friends as gifts. The best thing is they will never wilt or die.

Step 5: Tips

- Add colour to your book page roses by marking the end of the petal with a texta or use an ink dabbler for a more blended look.
- Older books with yellowed pages also look effective.
- You can also use old atlas paper or recycle sheet music to make these paper roses
- Cut the petals into different shapes for various effects i.e. pointed petal flowers (no photo of this)


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