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Introduction: Book Planter

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and up-cycle are all terms to describe different ways that we can cut down on waste. To reduce means to try and focus on using only as much as you need, for example carpooling in order to use less gas so that there is less pollution is emitted into the atmosphere. Reuse means to use an object more than one time, like using a refillable water bottle instead of buying water bottles. Recycling means to take an item and break it down so that it can be reconstructed again for reuse, like how aluminum cans are recycled to make more aluminum cans. Up-cycling is when you take an item and find a new use for it, like using an old tire for a rope swing. This is different from recycling because you use the item in its current state without breaking it down like in recycling.

Step 1: Materials

My project is an up-cycled planter made from an old book. Everyone has that pile of books that they don't read anymore, so why not turn them into something that will help give life to some plants?

In order to make this you'll need a book, a box cutter/knife, a hot glue gun, dirt, plastic wrap, and your choice of plants. These are common household items so you will probably be like me and spend nothing on this project..

Step 2: Cut Out a Square

This is probably the most difficult step of the whole thing. Measure out how much of the book you would like to use for the plants and cut accordingly.

Step 3: Line It With Plastic

You don't want any water to get onto the paper, or else you might get a soggy, moldy planter. So to prevent this, use the plastic wrap to line the inside of the hole. Use hot glue (or any type of glue really) to keep it from moving .

Step 4: Fill It In.

Now with some dirt from your yard, fill in the lined hole and make sure you don't put in too much.

Step 5: Finish

Now just plant anything you want into the dirt , water it, and you're good to go.

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