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As an avid reader and hoarder of books, I hate writing or highlighting in books. So to keep track of all the interesting quotes, ideas and parts a I like about a book I love keeping a notebook handy to write all this in. However, I don't need something big, just something pocket size and easily portable. That's why I make these simple DIY notebooks. You can use simple, inexpensive materials. I also like to make these notebooks to keep track of to-do lists, my own thoughts and ideas. Whether you enjoy reading or not you can find a use for this handy notebook.

The materials you will need:

a. Paper for the inside of the book (cut to whatever size you want or double what the actual book size will be)

b. Cardstock or thicker paper for the cover (cut to the same size as the paper)

c. Scissors

d. Ruler

e. Thread

f. Bookbinding Needle

g. Awl

h. Exacto Knife

i. Bone Folder

j. Sharpie or Marker for the cover

k. Cutting Board

Step 1: Step 1: Fold Paper in Half

Fold all your paper (the inside pages and the cover) in half, swiping over the fold with the bone folder to create a crisp fold.

Step 2: Step 2: Sew Your Book Together

Using a ruler on the inside of the first folded piece of paper, measure five dots, one inch apart in the fold of your paper (you may need to add more dots depending on the height of your notebook just be sure to have an odd number of dots evenly spaced out along the length of the notebook). Stack the rest of the folded pieces of paper underneath the sheet you measured and place the cover page on the back.

Using the awl pierce the dots, making sure to stab through every layer of paper. Once you have your holes, thread your needle with the string and make a knot at the end. Place your needle through the middle hole on the inside so the knot is inside the book (as shown in picture three). Pull your needle through the next hole and then back out again. Continue this process until you have a finished line down the spine of your book. Loop the thread through one of the seams (as show on picture six) and cut off the remaining string.

Step 3: Step 4: the Finishing Touches

Trim the edges with a ruler and an Exacto knife to make sure the edges are smooth and none of the inside pages are sticking out.

[Optional] Use a rounded corner hole punch to round out the corners of your notebook. This keeps the corners from curling up and ruffling the paper.

With a marker a or Sharpie, write one of your favorite book quotes on the cover. And you've got yourself a handy notebook that only took a few minutes to make!

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