Introduction: Book Shelf With Inbuilt Book End.

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Sometimes your bookshelf is not very full....and all your books keep tumbling down!..
So I thought to make a book shelf with an inbuilt book end which is removable when your shelf is full!

Step 1: Materials

For the book self
A=  2    8"x 6" x1/2" thick wood
B=  1    8"x 28"x 1/2" thick wood (the length you want your shelf to be)
C=  1    2"x 28" x 1" thick wood

For the book end
gesso/ filler
paint brushes
something to mix the cement and sand
clear tape
thick styrofoam (I used 1/2" would have been better to use 1" thick or more for the mold)
1/4" styrofoam for letters.
hotwire cutter
3" nut and bolt

Step 2: Make Your Shelf

Take your plank 'B' and find the center width wise. drill 2 holes 3" from edge on either side. draw a line on either side of the circles and cut with a jigsaw.
Attach the the two side panels  'A' to 'B'
Now attach the long Bar 'C' to the panels of 'A' please refer pictures.
Make sure to glue and use screws as they are stronger than nails.
On the long bar 'C' mark and drill 2 holes. I drilled a small and large hole attached (like a key hole) so it would be easier to remove
Sand and prepare it for painting.
i added texture to the side panels.
To find out how to do this check this

Step 3: Book End

To make your book end

Cut the styrofoam in to small rectangles according to the measurements you want with a box cutter.
Cover one side with clear tape (this is so you can grease it and also for easy removal...and you can reuse it.)
then make your box by pinning the styrofoam...reenforce with masking tape.
Print out your letters (I printed A & Z) , then transfer it with carbon to the styrofoam.
Then Cut your letters with a hotwire cutter and glue it in the mirror image on the sides of the inside panel. mark the bottom square on styrofoam...find the center and mark it. pass your bolt through halfway and attach to the square box.
fill with concrete and let dry.
Once dry...remove from mold and remove the embedded styrofoam
For more details check this instructable.

Step 4: Make Knob and Paint

To make a knob I used my drill and hole saw and cut 2 circles of different sizes. I then glued them together and covered the top hole with a bit of glue and Styrofoam. The hole was perfect for my bolt. You could leave it like that or embed the nut into the knob. I'm sorry but i don't have pictures of that step.

Step 5: Paint

filled the holes with wall filler and painted whole thing blue...make sure the paint goes inside the gaps where the letters are.
once dry i painted colored of course can paint it however you like!
Insert the book end with the bolt through the slotted plank...tighten where you want with the knob under. Done!
Now if you have less books you don't have to worry about them falling down :-D

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