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Introduction: Book Sound System

A thick book (5cm) was cut up. Using a Class D amplifier with 10W output on each channel (bought it on ebay for 7 dollars), 8 AA-batteries (which provides 12V) and two small speakers I snatched from an old radio. The hardest part is cutting the holes in the thick book, I used a drill to do most of the page-destruction... Two screws hold the pages together. An aux cable is connected to the amp and your ready to go blow your friends' minds at school!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have been using this system for almost a month, but only like ten or twenty minutes at a time, and the batteries are still ok!! So I'm still waiting to see how long they last. I got the amp from a chinese supplier on e-bay, don't know where to find the schematic.

    this project look really cool! I'd love to see breakdown of all the steps involved! how long do the batteries last? do you have the amp schematic?