Introduction: Book Talk

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To get your kids into reading, even at a very young age you need to know what they like to read. This instructable is a how-to to get your kids into reading and help you find books to get them interested.

Step 1: My Favorite Books

I started reading when I was in kindergarten, and have been interested since then. I love a whole variety of books, and I want people to enjoy the same. My favorite books would definitely be Listen to Your Heart, The Country Vet, and President of the Whole Sixth Grade. I also like The Baby-Sitters Club and Sisters.

Step 2: Comics and Graphic Novels

In my opinion, getting kids into reading, you should use comics and Graphic novels. I like reading them because they use pictures to explain the words. They are also easy, and quick. There are all different graphic novels. Just figure out what characters they want or what story plot they want.

Step 3: Series

There is a lot of different series of books out there. Series of books are multiple books with the same story plot and characters. A few series are Baby-Sitters club, Charlie Bone, and Harry Potter. Or, there are graphic novel series like Diary of a Wimpy kid, Dork Diaries, and Captin Underpants. But, my favorite is Mother-Daughter Book Club.

Step 4: Easy and Interesting Books

These books are more for first graders, and higher. With home-schooling, you need some books that entertain. I would recommend Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, The World according to Humphery, and Junnie B. Jones. There are more of those books, but those are all amazing. Nancy Clancy is also good.

Step 5: Have Fun Reading

Reading is supposed to be fun, remember, and if your kids don't like it try something, or I can give you some more suggestions. Have fun.