Book for Christmas Gift of Money

Introduction: Book for Christmas Gift of Money

About: Faitmain-Faitcoeur : Handmade-Heartmade / Done with my hands from the bottom of my heart!

Forget the envelope, once the money spent, it will remain a gift.

- bristol paper
- paper
- cardboard
- decorated paper (or fabric)
- glue

Step 1: Ideas Pages

This one was for a 16 years birthday, so I printed 16 gifts ideas on the bristol paper (7 cm x 10 cm).

It's easy to find nice pictures on the web.

Starting from upper left corner : a handbag / shoes / a wallet / a watch / makeup / books / films / perfume / candies / music / a dress / chocolates / a swimsuit / sun glasses / jewellery / "A trip to the moon... ... because you're special"

Everything a girl is dreaming about !

Step 2: The Spine

Cut a strip of paper adapted to the height of the pages (here 10 cm).
Fold it in 2 cm zig zag.
According to my number of pages, I folded two bands.

Glue accordions 2 by 2.

Be careful to stick them in the same direction.
You must get some kind of flower and not a winding mountain road !!

Step 3: Pages Assembling

Leave the first and the last petal without card.

Glue the back of a card.
Stick on a petal of the flower pushing it to the bottom of the fold.

Glue the back of a second card and stick it on the back of first card, on the same petal.
Be careful that the 2 cards overlap well.

Go on with all cards.

Step 4: The Cover

Cut 2 pieces in the cardboard adding 2 mm (height and width).
Cover as you want (decorating paper, fabric...).

Step 5: Finished Book

Glue the first petal on a cover, and the last one on the over cover.
Cut a piece of bristol paper and glue it onto the first cover to hide the petal.
Cut a second piece of bristol paper adding gluing flaps and stick it on the inside-back cover.

Let the book dry several hours before wrapping.
Don't forget the banknote !

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a brilliant idea, and executed beautifully. I love handmade gifts like this. So nice and thoughtful!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction


    I love offering gift, and making such a book compensates the frustration of giving just money.