Introduction: Bookmark Out of Popstick

I was eating an ice cream and thinking about the book I wanted to read and the problem of not having a bookmark suddenly it striked in my head that I can use the popstick as a bookmark but it looked ugly so I had to change it and this idea came to my mind.


1- popstick
4-tools to draw what you want
5- a good model

Step 1: Draw What You Want on the Popstick

First you have to find a good model of what you want to draw in my case I found a cartoon picture of an owl and I drew it on the popstick with a pencil. Just sketch what you want on it.

Step 2: Cut Out the Shape

Now you have to cut the shape you have drawn out there are different tools you can use I used a rasp which worked well but I suggest you use a hair saw if you have one. Remember that the saw makes a cut a bit larger than its edge.

Step 3: Smoothen and Clean the Edges

Now that you have cut the shape you have to smoothen the edges to make a better shape for your bookmark. I used a sandpaper remmeber the popstick woods are not that concrete and you should not put much pressure on it or it will break.

Step 4: Draw What You Want

In this part you have to draw on the popstick according to your sketches and you can use different kinds of drawing tools to make it better I used markers and nail polish because they dont get absorbed by the wood and also look shiny and beautiful. If your design needs white color you can also use pen corrector.
Remember if you are using nail polish you have to let it dry for a pretty long time.

Step 5: Read a Book

Now to use what you have made you can start reading a new book with your handmade bookmark since there's a pandemic and we have to stay home reading books can be an enjoyable hobby.
Hope you enjoy this instructable please send me your finished models!