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I've always had the issue of wanting a pen to mark some things down in a book but never had one around when I needed it. So I decided to make a bookmark that is also a pen! Here's how to do it...

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  • Ballpoint Pen Refill tubes:
  • Printed out maps or something similar
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick
  • scotch tape
  • Scissors

Step 1: Print Your Maps (Or Whatever)

You'll need some sort of paper item to use as a bookmark. I used a map because it's awesome! Plus, you can use a significant place for a person and it makes a great gift.

Feel free to use some of the maps I have available for you or print your own. AAA has some cool maps to print out for free:

Step 2: Cut Out Your Maps

Step 3: Glue or Tape Together

Use either a glue stick or double sided tape to attach your map to and around the pen tube. Make sure to have the wiring end exposed at one end.

Step 4: Tape the Outside

I found that this sort of inevitably comes apart so I recommend running a piece of clear scotch tape along the outside edge to hold it together.

Step 5: You're Done! Use It

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