Introduction: Books Alarm

HI, this is my first instructable and I hope to do more!

What can this project do?

This alarm will be useful for the people who forgot to put the textbook back to the locker. The alarm shall be used in the school. It will remind the student to remember to put the book back to the place.

Why I create this project?

I will forget to put the book back to the locker. Therefore, when I need the book I cannot find it. I create this alarm to warn and remind me to put the books back. When I am creating this project I realized that a lot of people have the same problem. Thus, I create this alarm to remind the people including me.

Step 1: Prepare for the Materials


1. The LED light (2) 1 Green and 1 Red

2. Ultrasonic sensor ( 5cm* 2cm) Only use for Arduino

3. Some Wires (About 20)

4. 1 Big Paperboard ( Used for the appearance) Cut in --- 4 pieces: 15cm*12cm 2 pieces: 12cm*10cm

5. Hot-melt adhesive (Used for the appearance)

6. 1 Utility knife ( Used for the appearance)

Total cost: 1000NT

Step 2: Assemble and Install the Parts on the Breadboard

This steps included a lot of materials need to assemble, I will divide into smaller and easier steps to make the process clearly.

First, plug the wires on the breadboard. ( Remember to plug GND and 5V on the breadboard or it will not move)

Second, plug the LED light on the wires. In addition, plug Ultrasonic sensor with the wires.

Third, plug transmission line ( Blue line) on the Arduino Leonardo with the USB hole on the computer.

After the three steps above, the breadboard and the parts are all done. Then, we will need to write the code,

The code is easy and understandable. It uses the code for LED light, the ultrasonic sensor that all.

Step 3: Combine the Paper Boards Together

Like the material say above, put the six pieces of board together and it will form the box above. This box is very cheap and easy to do. I use Hot-melt adhesive to clue the six pieces together, remember and be careful not to burn yourself!

Step 4: Combine the Breadboard, Arduino Leonardo and the Paperboard Box Together

After the second and third steps, we can combine the breadboard and the box together and the project is done. Also, you can decorate the box to make it more beautiful.

Step 5: Video