Introduction: Booksafe

The booksafe hiding among the books in my shelf. I bought this book for a friends fiftieth birthday and I thought it was so dreadful I wanted to commit violence on it - making it into a booksafe seemed a good way to do that and get a better birthday present.

Step 1: Ingredients

PVA glue
Rubber (eraser)
Paint brush
Sharp knife
Brick (not pictured)

Step 2: Rule the Lines

As I didn't need the safe to fit anything in particular I just used the ruler width to determine where the cutting lines would go.

Step 3: First Gluing

I left a few pages at the front, then glued the edges of the back pages together. I used the plastic bag to protect the first part and placed a brick on the closed book.

Step 4: Cutting the Pages

This step was made easier because I was just using the width of the ruler, I cut down into the book until I reached the depth that would hold things but not be obvious.

Step 5: Painting the Safe

I mixed colour in with the PVA to make the safe more obvious to the recipient, then I painted a couple of layers of the mixture so the inside was hard.

Step 6: Finished Booksafe

I rubbed out the lines and tested it with my jewellery, I think it would work for that but the book would have to stay horizontal. As long as noone knows that there is no way I would read/keep this book I think it succeeds.

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