Introduction: Bookshelf Chair

Hello everyone, my name is Darko and this in my first Instructables.

Task to build bookshelf chair aka ”biblio-chaise” that can hold as many as 18 feet of books.

After seeing this online on for $5000. This chair is made by Giovanni Gennari and Alisée Matta of nobody&co

I thought it would be great DIY build for the fraction of the cost.

This is also present to my wife.

Since actual sizes were not available online, I came up with my own by ensuring that the final project would fit through normal door opening. Bookshelf Chair final measurements are 41.5" wide by 34.5" long and 29" tall.

Step 1: ​Materials:

2 sheets of 3/4 plywood boards that come in 4 X 8 ( bought more expensive plywood for around $40 per sheet)

6 X 8ft of 2 x1 inch pine strips

4 x 8ft of 2 x 2 inch pine

2 boxes of 1 1/4" Kreg pocket screws

1 bottle Gorilla wood glue

Step 2: Tools:

Patience and precision

Miter Saw

Cordless Drills

Jig Saw

Kreg Jig Mini or Kreg Jig K4 Master system

Compressor and nail gun

Various length clamps

Normal tools like hammer, tape measure and measuring triangle

Step 3: Let's Start Building

I started by creating a base that is cut out of 4×8 sheet of plywood and built sides by using 2 x 2-inch pine.

Sides are 29″ tall.

Step 4: Build the Foundation

In between 2 x 2’s I used 2 x 1-inch pieces of pine.

To secure 2 x 2 and 2 x 1 pieces to plywood platform, I used Gorilla glue and Kreg pocket screws.

Step 5: Create Support

Then I used more 2 x 1-inch pine to create support for a first story piece of plywood and secured it with pocket screws and wood glue.

Step 6: First Floor

Closeups of completed first level sides

Step 7: Seating Area and Sides

I did not take any pictures of adding horizontal seating area piece but it is same size square piece of plywood like the base piece and it was glued down only.

Next I started with upper bookshelf slots with 2 x2 in pines. To secure them I used the same method of Kreg pocket screws and wood glue. The seating area is 28.5″ long and 26″ wide.

Step 8: Bookshelf Sides

Closeup of bookshelf slats and how pocket screws were used to interlock each piece of 2×2 pine to each other.

Step 9: Top and Side View

Top and side view of completed sides

Step 10: Back Same As Sides

View of the back as it was built using 2×2

Step 11: Slowly Coming Together With Sides and Back

Different views of completed slats for the back side of the chair

Step 12: Top Shelf

Next I cut out the plywood to fill in support for the all top three sides of the bookshelf chair. As you see, I used clamps to secure it better to the seating area while wood glue dried.

Step 13: Almost Done

Finally, we have pics of completed unpainted bookshelf chair.

Step 14: Lets Paint

For the color, I had my wife choose the wild color of her choice.

Step 15: Lets Wrap It Up

Finally, cushions where a custom made by my mother in law to tie it all up.

Bring on the books and the reading enjoyment.

Thank you for checking out my project. To see more of my work visit