Introduction: Booky Bookmarks

So, what do when you have a cold and you're staying in your room for an hour?

Read books of course!!!

And when you have to go get a glass of water....

You need a bookmark.

So I made these "booky" bookmarks out of... BOOKS!

Step 1: Supplies

So, this is relatively easy. All you need is:

An old book (I used the introduction page that just has his short snippet from the book)
Paper or sketchbook
Stiff paper
Fancy pens (optional)

Step 2: Which Book?

Now, if you're like me, you love your books and you don't want to be cutting them up!

So for this project use a very old book which you don't really need anymore or, like I did, the introduction page at the beginning of the book which has a short snippet of the story.

I use the introduction page from "Bridge to Terabithia" one of my favorite books.

Step 3: What Shape?

So for my bookmark I wanted to make something that represent "Bridge to Terabithia"

So I sketched a rough drawing of Jesse swinging on a rope.

Then, I cut it out and put it over my book page.

I traced the shape, then cut out the book shape.

Now I had my booky part!!!

Step 4: Constructing Your Bookmark

Ok, now We put together the bookmark.

First cut out a piece of stiff paper that can fit your page piece on it.

Glue the page piece onto the paper.

What I did is I wrote the title of the book on top of the bookmark in the middle of the book like I wrote a cheesy book sentence like "reading takes you to new lands"

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now, since I am a perfectionist, I used my self-taught artistic skills and wrote "Reading takes you to new lands" in calligraphy. Or my best impression of it.

Step 6: Enjoy!!!

Now, enjoy your awesome looking "booky" bookmark!!!

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