Introduction: Boom Speaker

Print out the two parts to the speaker

Sand any rough surfaces as may not fit your speaker

DO this first, as the speaker drive needs something to be inside of


You need the following

-A kmart bluetooth speaker or a similar speaker drive

-6g x 25mm screws (4 of them)

-The two parts to the speaker lol

-3d printer

-3d printer filament

Step 1:

This is a two part speaker based on the idea of a shuttlecock on impact

This is what it will look like

Step 2: Dismantling and Getting the Speaker Drive

Tear apart your kmart speaker and carefully extract the innards of it.

Arrange them In a way that does not snap the soldering on the wires.

Step 3: Organising the Screws

Gather screws and put them in the holes of the 3d printed lid

Step 4: Alligning the Speaker Innards

Get the speaker drive and place the user interface in the cut out from the inside out.

Be careful with this step as you may break or damage the wiring with constant strain

Step 5: Last But Not Least, Screw in the Lid

Line up the holes on the lid with the body of the speaker housing and begin screwing the screws to secure the speaker to the drive

Step 6: Done

Congrats, you know have a speaker that kinda looks cool