Introduction: Boombox 8 12v Internal Battery

(The main image is the new box with the same steps!!)

This BoomBox is my third one.

That one is more mobile, and so I wanted to achieve a better sound.

The main idea was to use a lighter materials with better durability.

The Components:

- wood (3 mm thick)

- bike battery - 12v (7 amp or more)

- battery charger (external)

- old head unit.

-6.5 inch speakers '

-wires speakers.

-2 switches.

- 2 metal L unit (for charging the unit as in the image).

-screws and bolts (you should look for as long as the wood)

- 5 metal stands (from old speakers).

Step 1: The BEgin...

First of all i use a regular wood plates in the size of 12x10x18 inches. I use jig-saw for cutting.
Before you start the cutting, you should draw with pencil on the flat board what pieces to cut.

After that project i realize that the could be smaller.

Step 2: Cut

Here is the list of holes you need to make before the assembley.
1. 6.5 inch speakers.
2. 2 power buttons.
3. head unit.

4. between speakers i add a tube for air. (I use bicycle chair tube for the air flow)- good for bass

Before is always better than later because of the mess and dirt it makes.

Step 3: Connect All the Components

Here i just connected 2 L plated outside. their use for charging the internal battery.

Be careful with my way because if a steel will touch those 2 sides. For safety i added the red button, which disassemble the charging from the battery. I will also recommend to paint the negative and positive sides.

Step 4:

Later on i placed the 12v battery in my case. I added some wood to catch it.

The stopper in the box is attached with epoxy glue (didn't want to drill again).
As u can see i also sold 2 connectors to the wires, and not soldering the battery for permanent because i wanted to have the choice of replace the battery when camping for few days.

Step 5:

Here i connected all wires. For those who don't know how to do that, you should read your amp manuals as i did. it is really easy to find it on Google...

Step 6:

As you can see i use speakers fabric for the bass.

i attached it with staple gun.

Step 7:

As you can see i painted the box in white. It's taste decision and you should also but fabric and attach it from out side.

Also for taking care to the system i decided to use those clips for open it.

Step 8: More Ideas...

Each head unit has 4X20 speaker output at least.

You should use old speaker connectors and connect them to it- that way you will be able to connect stereo speakers (or sub woofer also).

As for the legs, i will change it because of the beach sand (it sink..)

Step 9: End and Recharge

So it work nice for 5 hours. Really good sound.

I am using simple car battery charger for charging it up.

Maybe in the future i will add solar power ability.

Enjoy music :-)

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