Introduction: Boombox Hi-Fi

This is a Hi-Fi boombox that I built from old speakers


2x tweeter

2x subwoofer

2x midrange speaker

audio amplifier

2x 3 way crossover



old jeans or other

jack input

dc input

battery or power supply

Step 1: Build

first you need to build a box to hold the speakers, the audio amplifier, the crossovers and the batteries.

I built the box with a special wood for the Hi-Fi speakers.

as speakers I used 3 different types of speakers, two 3w and 8ohm tweeters, two 5w and 8ohm subwoofers and then two 5w and 8ohm mid-range speakers.

I mounted the two midranges on the side panels, while the two tweeters and the two subwoofers on the front panel.

Step 2: Wiring

First we need to connect the audio amplifier to the speakers and to the battery I used a 15 + 15w 9v amplifier. I to connect it to the power supply I added a switch to switch from the power supply from the DC jack to the batteries and vice versa. as batteries to power the amplifier I chose two 18650 4.7v 3000mAh in series or alternatively an external 9v 1A power supply

Step 3: Finishes

if you like you can like me cover the boombox with old jeans

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