Introduction: Boombox Makeover

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This is a docking station that looks like and old radio

Step 1: Source Your Boombox

I got this one at the dump for free

Step 2: Tare Down

I opened it up broke out a section of the circuit board to fit all of my wiring. I left the other half in because it was attached to the face of the boombox which I wanted to leave

Step 3: Get Your Speaker

I used the one that came with the original boom box so it sounded original plus it used the least power. I planned to power it off my phone. It worked in the end but and amp circuit could be built to further bump up the volume.

Step 4: Wire Your Speaker

I used a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. There are a lot of useful videos like this one on how two wire speakers

Step 5: Add Packing

I used cotton to reduce echo and lower bass so it didn't overshadow the lyrics.

Step 6: Finish It Up

I fed my wire through the original power cable hole and to finish it I through a coat of english chestnut stain.

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