Boon for Blind

Introduction: Boon for Blind

About: We are the students of St.Michael's School.


If you are considerate and want to do something for blind , this is for you



This is BOON FOR BLIND. An obstacle detecting device using ultrasonic sensor.


Our aim is to make a device that is cheaper and will make the lives of the blind people easier.

Q. For whom?

For the needy:- blind people.

Q. Requirements:

1. An ultrasonic sensor(1)

2. A bundle of jumper cable(10)

3. Arduino Nano(1)

4. Breadboard(1)

5. Buzzer

6. Sunglasses.

7. 9v battery and connector

8. Cardboard sheet

9. Selo tape

10. Spray paint

Step 1: Making the CIRCUIT and CODE

We are going to make something that would help the blind community in our world. We will create a special type of spectacles that would help them. This will be made with the help of an ultrasonic sensor. The sensor works in the same ways as a SONAR works. It would detect if any obstacle is between 1m of the paths of the blind people and would send a signal to Arduino. Arduino will ring the buzzer and hence the people will be alarmed.


1. Connect your sensor to your Arduino. It has 4 pins. The VCC cable goes into 5v. The GND of sensor goes to GND of Arduino. The echo pin goes to 2 and the trig pin goes to 3.

2. Further connect buzzer to your Arduino. The positive wire goes in pin6 and negative in GND.

It may also connect any other variable as show in figure or as you wish. But make changes in the code also!!


Now you can program with the help of “”if and else” condition as shown in code.

#define trigPin 2 //define your sensor Trigger pin to arduino 2 pin

#define echoPin 3 //define your sensor Echo pin to arduino 3 pin

#define buzzerPin 6 //define your buzzer +ve pin to arduino 6 pin(can change according to your circuit)

void setup()


Serial.begin(9600); //rate at which the sensor will comunicate

pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(echoPin, INPUT); //define output and input of pins

pinMode(buzzerPin, OUTPUT); //define buzzer pin output


void loop()


long duration, distance; //define constant - ditance and duration

digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW);


digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH);


digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW); //giving command to sensor to detect

duration=pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH );

distance= (duration/2)/29.1;

if (distance<100) // if an object is between 1m or 100cm


digitalWrite(buzzerPin, HIGH); //than buzz the buzzer



//do nothing



3. Compile and upload your program

Step 2: Making the Holder

Here you can show your creativity and make a stiff cardboard box for the arduino ,9 volt battery and the buzzer. The sensor should be implemented outside of the box (front side of the box) and at tilted angle so as to scan lower height objects also!! It is good to implement the buzzer inside the box. 9 volt battery can we implement anywhere according to your wish.

Now attach your circuit and stuff to your spectacles.

You may colour it!!

Step 3: Hurray Dance

We would like to thanks our teachers from THE STORY OF FOUNDATION:-

Nupur Ma'am

Zubin Sir

Abrar Sir

Kavel Sir.

Thank you teacher for giving us the opportunity to work with you!!! (-:

This project was made by-

Shrushti Bhandari

Swaraj Dangare

Anirudha Dharaskar

Thank for watching:-)!!

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    4 years ago

    This is cool! How far ahead can it see?

    Swaraj Dangare
    Swaraj Dangare

    Reply 4 years ago

    For now it is having a range of 10cm but it is variable. Thanks for watching us

    Aarav G
    Aarav G

    Reply 4 years ago

    Ultrasonic sensor has a maximum range of 4m or 400cm. It cannot detect things up to 100m. Fairly impossible!!! You are wrong TechHomoAtion...

    Swaraj Dangare
    Swaraj Dangare

    Reply 4 years ago

    It's was typing mistake
    Googleb suggestion!!!

    Thanks for correcting us.!!

    Swaraj Dangare
    Swaraj Dangare

    Reply 4 years ago

    Ultrasonic sensor can detect 400 CM
    Yeah you can adjust according to your wish
    I am adjust 100m range