Introduction: Boosting Your Brain Power

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The smarter the better

Step 1: Left or Right

This is a simple way to boost your brain power.Are you left or right?If you're a right try to do things more with your left.You are probably thinking how is that going to help.I'll tell you.Which ever hand you use a lot that side of the brain is the sharpest .I use my right hand a lot,so the right side of my brain is the sharpest .Like if you're a left use your right.

Step 2: Brain Apps

If you have an apple device buy some brain training apps.I bought fit brains like in the pic and I've been doing it every day of the summer.I have seen a big difference in my brain power because of this app.Here is a list of brain training apps I have;Charge Your brain,Clockwork brain,fit brains,brain tuner and chain of thought.

Step 3: Shocking Brain Facts

The brain works off of 10 watts.
The average person only uses
10 percent of their brain power.
A typical human brain has
70,000 thoughts a day.Only 75
percent of the brain is water.
Every time a memory is recalled
or a new thought is made you
create a new connection in your

Step 4: Use Your Brain As Much As You Can

The more you use your brain the smarter you get and the smarter you get the more school gets easier.Lets try to train our brains daily.

Step 5: Exercise

When you exercise there is not as much stress on the brain.Like when you're depressed about something or worried about something exercise.It's best to exercise 30 minutes a day.A great exercise app I got is called gorilla workout.

Step 6: Meditation

I recently got these meditation apps.It really helps your attention and it helps you to sleep more relaxed ,which is good for the brain.The deepness of the meditation is very healthy for your brain.I have a meditation Instagram account called meditationnova.

Step 7: More Apps