Introduction: Boot Cuffs

Crotchet boot cuffs to add a fun look to any outfit you wear with boots. (I hated the abrupt way my leggings ended in the top of my boots, and just love this solution)

Step 1: What You Need

I/9 - 5.50mm crotchet hook
1ball Lion Brand Heartland yarn. I used 126-Sequoia
Yarning needle to weave in loose ends

Step 2: Base Row

1. Chain 48 stitches
2. Slip stitch into first stitch taking care not to twist the chain.
3. Chain 1
4. Single crotchet into each stitch on the round.
5. Slip stitch into first crotchet

Step 3: First Row

1. Chain 1
2. Skip 2 stitches. 5 double crotchet into next stitch. Skip 2 stitches. Single crotchet into next stitch. Shell made.
3. Repeat 2 to make 7 more shells - 8 shells in total.

Step 4: Cuff Top

1. Slip stitch into next two stitches along side of first row shell.
2. Single crotchet into 3rd stitch (middle stitch on shell)
3. Skip 2 stitches and 5 double crotchet into single crotchet of previous row.
4. Skip 2 stitches and single crotchet into middle stitch of next shell.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 7 more times. 8 shells in total.
6. Single crotchet into first stitch made in 2 above.
7. Repeat 1-6 above 10 more times. 12 shell rows.
8. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Step 5: Cuff Bottom

1. Turn your work around, the scalloped edge at the bottom, the straight edge (first chain row on top.
2. Make a chain and attach yarn to body with a single crotchet.
3. Single crotchet into each chain stitch - 48 single crotchet.
4. Slip stitch into first single crotchet.
5. Chain 3. First double crotchet + 1 chain made.
6. Skip next single crotchet and double crotchet into next single crotchet.
7. Repeat 6 all the way around. 24 double crotchet made
8. Slip stitch into top of first double crotchet.
9. Slip stitch into first chain space.
10. Chain 3.
11. Double crotchet into next chain space.
12. Chain 1
13. Repeat 11& 12 all the way around
14. Repeat 8 - 13 above 4 more times. 6 double crotchet rows in total.
15. Cut yarn and weave in ends