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Introduction: Boot Projectors

About: I'm Naomi Wu, a Maker and 3D printing enthusiast from Shenzhen. I enjoy working on wearables and functional designs for women.

I got invited to the Bangkok Mini-Maker Faire. My usual wearables are not really suitable for a family event so I had to come up with something small enough to fit in my luggage and simple enough I could make it with only a few days notice and no time to troubleshoot. So this does not really count as a build- it was more of a last minute hack. The effect looks really good even if actually knowing how simple it is takes away from it a bit.

Normally Chinese almost never go showing the flag but I figured since I was the first Chinese Maker girl to exhibit outside of China I needed to represent :-D (I asked the organizers if it would be ok first of course)

Step 1: 3D Printing

3D print the plastic wedge, it keeps the projectors pointed out at a slight angle. Really any setting is fine, they don't need to be very strong and the lighter the better.

Step 2: Pocket Clips and Self-adhesive Tape

Step 3: Logo Projector

Car LED logo projector: You can also find the same model on Aliexpress, tons of different artwork available (Hello Kitty, Batman etc) if you look. The logos are printed on a slide that just fits in the top so worth buying a few slides to try out if you can.

The projectors come with self-adhesive tape cut to size so you won't need to buy any to attach to the plastic wedges. Just clean both surfaces first with an alcohol wipe.

Step 4: Final Result!

Not much to it, but the effect is cool and I think it's worth iterating on. If the cost of video projectors goes down it would be a pretty neat thing to try.

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    6 years ago

    Congratulations on the Featured Instructable!
    Looking forward to see more cool projects from you... :-)