Introduction: Boot Rack

About: I love metalworking and hope to increase my experiences throughout building projects.

I build theses boot racks to organize and show off the costumers boots. Sticking with the western style look, I've had a lot of fun creating these racks.


-10 horseshoes

-Rebar (or small round stock to rest boots on)

Step 1: Legs

I take 10 horseshoes total to create the rack. The very first step is to take three horseshoes and weld them together in a unique pattern like in the picture. Then repeat to make two legs for your rack. (I recommend welding both sides to even out warpage). I would mark one of the horseshoes on each legs as "top" so you know in the future!

Step 2: Top and Main Body

The next part is to line out the final four horseshoes and weld them together right next to each other in a straight line. (You can see the example in the picture). Again, I recommend welding both sides and use clamps to minimize warpage! Try to keep it as flat as possible!

Step 3: Welding Legs to Body

Once the body and legs are completed, you can start by welding the legs to the four horseshoes you welded earlier. (The body). Make sure you can get as close to a 90 degree as you can. Using a square may be your best bet. Make sure you have the right side of the legs facing outside the rack. Also, remember to have the horseshoe that you marked as "top" to be facing down when you weld on both sides. Once you have welded both sides, you can now cut a piece of rebar (or round stock... Thickness varies on preference) to length between the legs and weld it in the middle of the legs from the inside. Best example would be the picture shown

Step 4: Spray Paint

Once all of the welds are completed, you may now spray paint the entire rack of your choice! In my pictures, they are shown black. But, you may choose any color of your liking. After its dry, you can enjoy an organized and western style boot rack for yourself or another!