Introduction: Boot Dryer

About: about what?

cheap DIY boot dryer with parts from a leftover plumbing project

Step 1: Parts Needed Are

four, 2"elbows .95c each

two, 2" T's $3.11 each

one, 2" Y 3.11

one, 2" fernco ci/plastic/copper/steel to ci/plastic/copper/steel

and at least 3 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe

Step 2: Cutting and Assembly

cut 1 length of PVC pipe 16 inches long then cut the 16 piece in half at a 40° angle like so on the first picture. then cut wedges about an inch above the angled cut like the second picture this will help unrestrict airflow when inside the boots

Step 3: More Cutting

cut seven 2 inch PVC sleeves 2 inches long and connect everything together and (glue) them in place as seen in the picture above

Step 4: You Are Almost There Don't Stop!

next is important "do not glue your 8 inch angle cut lengths together just shove them in you're 90°elbows as seen above. you will understand why later

Step 5: Start Installing

(NOTE) nothing else will be glued so put it away so you don't get overzealous and get ahead of yourself.
shove the 2 arms into one of the T's (no glue)

next shove the remaining 2 elbows into the last remaining T (no glue)

then connect the T's to the Y (no glue)

add the fernco and a hair dryer then tighten the clamps

having a non glued connection on the rest of the parts allows the boot dryer to be adjusted to different sizes of boots shoes gloves hats and it also allows it to be torn down and stored

Step 6: Ways to Use the Boot Dryer

FYI the hairdryer attached to the Y is directional. so whatever you think will take longer to dry you want to point the hairdryer towards

there are 4 setting on the hairdryer

high, low, cool high and cool low. in order to use the cool air functions you have to tape the cool button in the on position and select the high or low setting

I made this boot dryer 2 years ago. I have used all the settings and the PVC has held up beautifully.
the only complaint I can give you is it isn't quiet but it dries fairly quick!