Introduction: Boot From USB on a Bios That Doesn't Support It

This instructable is my second, and is VERY useful when you have a bootable flash drive. It shows you how to create and use the PLoP boot manager.

----------You will need----------
A computer (doesn't need to be windows)
A flash drive with an OS installed on it.
CD writer
CD burning software capable of burning iso's

Once you have those, continue to the next step!

Step 1: Download PLoP Boot Manager and Extract

You can download the PLoP boot manager from this site:
Download PLoP Boot Manager

Once you have the zip file, extract it to anywhere accessible.

It should be a folder with some files.
You should only worry about the plpbt.iso file.

Step 2: Burn the File to the Disc

Burn the plpbt.iso file to the disc.
Once it is done, the disc should look like the picture below.

Step 3: Boot From the Disc

Next, you need to put the disc in, and restart the computer. Some computers have a different boot sequence, so you might need to change it. Just press F2 when the computer starts up, and change the boot order or boot priority.

When you have the CD booted, it should look like the picture below.

Change the option to USB, plug in your flash drive, and hit enter.

This is the end, my friend, of my instructable.