Introduction: Bootle Cap (& Can Ring) DIY Pin

Summer is coming and it's time for beer drinking...

No fear
we have beer

Let's see a way to reuse beer caps and can rings to make some DIY pins....

a different way to make pins:
--edit: one more similar project

Step 1: Collect the (easy to Find) Materials

Material for a pin:
-1 bottle cap
-1 can ring
-1 safety pin
-1 tool to bend the ring
- anything to make the pin unique
- glue , marker, other common tools

Step 2: Bend the Ring

first of all bend the ring as shown in the picture..

Try not to overbend it so you will need another one ring..

Step 3: Put the Ring in the Cap

put the bended ring in the cap...

Step 4: Bend the Cap Edges

start bending the edges of the cap with any proper tool you have.

if you want to keep the original color of the cap put some paper between cap's metal and the tool to avoid scratches.

Step 5: Put the Safety Pin Inside the Ring

now put the safety pin through the 2 holes of the can ring with the sharp edge pointing up

Step 6: Final Step

decorate the front of the cap and it's ready to use it...

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