Booze in a Bible (or Any Book You Prefer)

Introduction: Booze in a Bible (or Any Book You Prefer)

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Have you always wanted that secreted stash of booze at the ready, or do you have a friend that could use a fun gag gift?  Here's an idea.

ps- this is my first attempt at this project.  I feel there are better ways to make the final outcome look cleaner, but this was my process.

Step 1: Things You Might Need.

-exacto knife (I like Olfa - and if you get a style with the break away blade bits, you can get several uses from one blade)
-glue (paper glue of some variety)
-sticky felt
-a marker
-the bottle of choice (featured here is soju, because it was tiny and I had a very hard time finding a small flask in South Korea)
-your hard cover book of choice (if I had searched a little longer I would've preferred a zipper covered bible, but i fell back on a boxed bible. . . might I also suggest any hardcover by Dickens.)

Step 2: Measure Before You Cut.

Trace the bottle onto the first page you want to cut.

It's important to note that the bottle should have a more shallow depth than the book you plan to use.

Otherwise your book may appear pregnant, or very proud.

Step 3: Get a Cuttin'

Start cutting. 

It was my intention to time how long it took me to get through the whole book. . . approximately it took about 2.5 hours, and my fingers were pretty cramped from holding the knife.

Here is where my expertise takes a nap.

The pages of a bible are particularly thin.  It would've been neater to keep them all stacked and to keep cutting, but the old pages got in the way of making clean knife passes.

I tried gluing some pages together, it seemed to help a little, but not all the time.

While holding the book open the spine shifts which may cause your bottle shape to drift as well.

Step 4: The Final Cut

So, it isn't quite as clean as I had hoped, and the bottle shape drifts toward the spine the closer you get to the back of the book. . . . but for a gag gift- not bad.

Step 5: The Cover Up

Cut a few strips of the sticky felt a little taller than the hole made.

Place the strip as carefully as you can.  In the corners you may have to make cuts to avoid bunching and stretching.

Step 6: Finish Up

Cut another piece of sticky felt in the shape of the bottle.

(you can use a page from the book as a form to follow)

Place in the bottom of the hole.

Place bottle and place in box.

Step 7: Enjoy.

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    Phil B
    Phil B

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Your Instructable reminds me of a story about a man who was offered a New Testament.  He told the one offering it he would only use its pages as papers to roll cigarettes.  The man making the offer said that was fine, as long as the recipient would promise to read each page before he rolled and smoked it.  He agreed.  Before he had finished the Gospel of John, he had become a believer in Jesus.  I think he looked for another source of cigarette papers then. 


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    holy rolling papers batman!  that's what i could've used all those cut out pages for. . . . sadly, opportunity missed.  thanks for the idea!  perhaps next time. 


    I would suggest using "Dreams From My Father". It's thick, filled with hundreds of pages and doesn't actually say anything of value. Turning it into this could actually make it useful! As a bonus, you won't ever have to worry about somebody accidentally finding your stash because it's not like anybody is ever actually going to READ it, now are they?