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Hey everyone Steve here at SKS Props back again with another cosplay build! This time I am creating the Psycho mask from Borderlands 3 which isn't even out for 5 months! Those that know me know I absolutely love Borderlands and so it seemed only fitting that I tackle this mask ASAP!

Before we begin let me say some of the products that are use in prop building can be bad for you :(

So be safe!!! Always wear eye protection, wear gloves, and use a respirator when needed.

Lets get started!!!!

Step 1: Reference and Materials

As with all of my prop/costume builds reference pictures are key. When you start to think about making a prop or costume from a video game, movie, etc. always try and find as many reference images as you can. Since this game isn't out yet I had to base the build off of the BL3 cover and a few screen shots I found online.

Products used in this build -

Monster Clay -

Respirator -

Safety Glasses -

Black Skintx Gloves -

Utility Knife -

Kershaw Knife Sharpener -

Smooth-On Rebound 25 -

Smooth-Cast 65D -

Dremel -

Belt Sander -

Bob Smith Super Glue 2oz -

Bob Smith Super Glue 8oz -

Bob Smith Glue Accelerator 2oz -

Bob Smith Glue Accelerator 8oz -

Extra Tips for Glue Bottles -

Iwata Airbrush -

Mars Black -

Iridescent Rich Silver -

Raw Sienna -

Cad Orange -

Iridescent Bright Silver -

1" Mop Brush -

Filbert Brush -

Liner Brush -

Black Fabric - Local craft store

Step 2: Psycho Mask Build Video

Unfortunately I lost almost all of my pics when my SD card failed but I was able to use all of the video from my other camera. So here is the build video for this mask. I go over Monster Clay and sculpting but since I have done that extensively in previous Instructables this video really focuses on molding, casting, painting, and finishing a resin cast mask. I hope you enjoy the process and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my prop and costume videos!!!

Step 3: Glamour Shots

Finished pics taken in my shop and I couldn't be happier with how this mask turned out! Ready to strip the flesh and slat the wounds when this game drops in September!

Additional Cosplay videos are now on my YouTube

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