Introduction: Borderlands Style T-shirt

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Hello minions!

Every vault hunter surely needs a great equipment, so I present you my Borderlands style T-shirt!

It's really easy,cheap and quick to make one and it looks really cool!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

  • paint
  • brush
  • (old) T-shirt

It's also good to have picture for inspiration with you!

Step 2: Painting

Making this t-shirt was surprisingly easy and quick. It took me just about a half an hour.

As a first step it's good to sketch some "body parts" such as breasts, chest, belly, sixpack, shoulderblades etc...

Then just start adding some more "scratchy details". You can also try to put the shirt on and then line the folds of the fabric as you will be wearing it, so it will look more realistic.

Don't forget about the back side and highlighting the sleeves end.

The best thing about this is, that it's just impossible to make it wrong. It will always look cool!

I also added a Borderlands logo on the chest.

So take your brush and let's paint!

Step 3: Wearing!

When paint is dry, put it on and go find some treasures!

You can wear it as a normal clothing or it could be a great basis of a vault hunter costume :)

I know this instructable is a short one, but I hope you still find it interesting and that you like it!

I'll be glad for any comments!

See you next time! ;)

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