Introduction: Borderlands Style Nerf Gun

I will be showing you how to paint any nerf gun (here the 'Raider CS-35') in the style of borderlands weapons

You will need:

A nerf gun

White spray paint

Yellow spray paint

Black paint

Grey paint

White paint/paint marker

Orange paint

Sharpies (orange/yellow shades, black, brown)



Masking tape

Step 1: 1) Painting Your Gun

Using masking tape, cover any holes or slots in/on the gun e.g. the sliding side door.

Using white spray paint, spray the entire gun. Leave to dry. Add one or two more coats

Going across both sides of the gun, create a gap of about an inch using masking tape to create it (strip going diagonally across both sides) Then, using yellow gloss or matte, spray the gun again with a few coats.

Paint the sliding door, pump handle/whole rail, stock placement black. Paint the handle dark grey and white/light grey (as shown in the picture). Finally, paint the end of the barrel and trigger, orange

Step 2: 2) Details

Using your sharpies add details onto the gun using your own designs based on the borderlands games.

you can do exact replicas of guns from the game e.g. a bandit gun or a tourgue gun. here i just made a generic borderlands design.

once you are finished painting and drawing on everything, you are pretty much done.

Step 3: 3) TAH-DAH


Once you feel comfortable you can do the same to any gun.

have a good time moding

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