Bore Matching and Marker Assembly for Beginners

Introduction: Bore Matching and Marker Assembly for Beginners

The components needed to assemble a marker include:



High Pressure Air (HPA) tank

Barrel/Barrel Insert


Barrel Cover

Step 1: The Marker

A paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun, is the main piece of equipment in the sport of paintball. Markers use an expanding gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or compressed air, to propel paintballs through the barrel. The compressed air is placed inside of a High Pressure Air Tank (HPA).

In order to understand the assembly instructions it is best to understand what each component is for. This will be explained as the assembly process progresses.

Step 2: Insert Hopper Into Marker

Insert the hopper/loader into the marker’s feed neck and secure clamp (the opening on top of the hopper should be in the back).

Markers can be mechanical or electronic. A hopper can be mechanical, gravity, or electronically fed. This component holds and feeds paintballs into the marker as it is being fired. Once it is empty you can refill it as needed.

Step 3: HPA Tank

Screw the HPA tank into the back of the marker.

Highly Pressurized Air (HPA) is what will propel the paintball out from the marker. Once attached to an engaged marker, this pressure is distributed within the marker and can be released in small increments as the trigger is pulled.

Step 4: Bore Matching

Take three or more paintballs and place them into all barrel inserts to test bore size. The barrel insert that does not allow paintballs to roll through, nor become jammed to the point that you cannot easily blow the paintball out is the optimal choice.

Paintballs are what are placed into your loader or hopper and are then fed into your marker and fired. NOTE: Paintballs are manufactured to have a diameter of .680 inches. Due to the materials used paintballs can change size and shape due to environmental factors including storage, temperature, and humidity. Be sure to bore match your paint to your barrel.

The "Bore Size" is the entire circumference and diameter of the inside of the barrel insert. Not all paintballs have a consistent diameter or circumference. Perfect bore to paint match will increase accuracy and efficiency when done correctly. When in doubt: overbore instead of underbore. This will ensure the paintball leaves the marker and barrel, intact, when fired.

Step 5: Barrel / Barrel Insert

Once barrel insert bore size has been chosen, screw insert into barrel. Screw the assembled barrel into the front of the marker.

Step 6: Barrel Cover

Once the marker is assembled, place the barrel cover over the tip of the barrel.

Barrel covers are used to prevent paintballs from exiting the barrel in case of a misfire or other accident. Do not walk into public areas without a barrel cover on your marker.

And you’ve successfully assembled your marker! For additional clarity, follow along with the video included.

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