Introduction: Borrow Machine

This device allows you to promptly remind the borrower to return the item when you borrow something from other people, each time for 48 hours.

My name is Tim, I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Tatong Elementary School. I am ten years old. I want to make this device because sometimes the school needs an exam but my memory is not good, so I usually forgot to bring a pen, eraser, ruler... and so on. I also borrow some stationery, but I always originally scheduled I returned it to my classmates within a day, but I always forgot to return it, and my classmates didn't take it to heart. It wasn't until the next week that I suddenly remembered this incident. Even if my classmates kindly forgive me, I still feel very sorry. Therefore, if you have this device, you can give it to your classmates, and your classmates won't forget to borrow something from me. If he reminds me, I can return the item to my classmates immediately.


1.Arduino Leonardo board

2. Breadboard

3.LCD panel

4. Ultrasonic sensor

5. A lot of lines

6.5V Photoresistance

Step 1: Prepare Arduino Leonardo Board

Step 2: Place Buttons and Resistors

The button's pin is VCC(+), D2, GND(-)

Step 3: Install Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor's pin is VCC(+), Trig D5, Echo D6, GND(-)

Step 4: Install LCD Panel

LCD Panel's pin is GND(-), VCC(+), SDA, SDL

Step 5: Set the Lines

Step 6: Coding

Step 7: Replace the Cable Connected to the Computer With the Cable of the Mobile Charger

Step 8: Decoration

Step 9: Finish!

You can start to borrow your stationery!

Step 10: How to Use This Device?

Step 1: Touch the button and place your hand 50 cm away from the ultrasonic sensor.

Step 2: Then LCD panel will say"Take it away", now you can borrow pens.

Step 3: 48 hour later, the device will say"Request your pencils!", It's time to return pens!