Introduction: Bosch Uneo Cordless Rotary Hammer Project - Group 5 - 1.A - 2016

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The disassembly and displaying of a Bosch Uneo Cordless drill

Made by:

Faruk Polat

Mark Presmann

Jakob Lundorff

Magnus Christensen

Nicholai Jensen

Step 1: Dissasembly

Tools used:

T10 screwdriver

Lock ring pliers

First we removed 10 screws, and already we were able to split the rotary hammer in two pieces.

The rest of the components we were able to take out and split, simply using our hands and lock ring pliers.

Step 2: Construction of the Display Board

Tools used:

Drilling machine

Measuring tool



A big piece of wooden material

Two big shelf holders

Two small shelf holders


We started by cutting our piece of wood into 3 smaller pieces, after measuring and planning how we wanted our product to be presented. Thereafter we drilled holes for fishing line in the upper piece, which was later going to carry the different components. We then assembled the different pieces (shelf holders, wood) with screws.

Step 3: Making and Mounting of Acrylic Background

Tools used:



Laser cutter


Large piece of acrylic

4 sets of of bolts and fasteners

A white piece of paper for background

We wanted to do something special with our project, so we found a split view drawing of our product, and decided to get it engraved into a piece of acrylic. First we loaded the drawing into Photoshop, to edit measurements and other changes we wanted and make sure we only had white/black colors, for the laser cutter to work properly. With the drawing done in photoshop, we moved it to illustrator to be able to "print" it on the laser cutter. And voilá, the laser cutter did the rest. At last we mounted it onto our background with bolts and fasteners, and the white paper background in between.

Step 4: Putting the Endproduct Together

Tools used:

Glue gun

Electric cordless drill

1 mm. drill

Vacuum forming machine


Piece of plastic (for transparent shield)


White spray paint

Fishing line

LED strip

On/Off switch

We decided to hang the different components from above in fishing line, and glue the rest directly on the board. First we painted the top plate with white spray paint, and thereafter drilled holes for the fishing line with the 1 mm. drill. Next we used the vacuum forming machine, where a piece of plastic was heated app.180 seconds, the plastic was then pressed onto our form (shield) and vacuumed to fit tightly around the form. Now we went on to mount all the components either with glue, or from fishing line using the holes in the top plate. The LED strip was then mounted and connected to the batteries, from the Bosch hammer drill, and an on/off switch.