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This is a snap together model using pegs on the two opposing vertical sides. The base which holds the legs snaps onto the bottom side, the legs into it, and the two antennae attach to pegs on the top. There were two main influences, and a few restrictions that went into the development of this model. There was a previous project in which I designed a bacteriophage, and I wanted to take the same agile, spider like base aesthetic, and apply it to this speaker. My other influence was portal the video game, specifically the turrets you are up against in later stages of the game. This product is kid friendly, so I did not want to create something intimidating... these turrets are playful, and they have a sort of inviting personality. I think my model turned out a bit more intimidating, but I stayed within my restriction, not including guns (by using antennae) etc. Another restriction put on by this competition, to achieve an air tight seal, two panels must be left blank... I tried to let this play into my design a bit, this means using the cube shape as part of the design, making it looks like it is meant to be that way (which it is). My final restriction which I am familiar with, designing for the process of FDM 3D printing (1 Extruder FDM). This process has it's unique challenges, and and I was able to overcome this by making multiple parts which snap together, but print flat... the only support needed is on the legs, which come right off. The file above contains all of the stl files needed to print my design's top, and bottom panels/assembly. To review the necessary files, look at the screenshot taken of Cura with all of the parts layed out. To fully assemble the speaker, look at the Bose Build files above, you will need 3 blank panels, the speaker panel, and the clips (along with speaker panel). If you have questions on my assembly, ask in the comments. To the right is an image of the electronics contained in my personal speaker. As I was printing a real one, I wanted it to have a use, so I used adafruit's fx sound board, and my arduino nano wired to a 9v battery, and amplifier to drive a speaker. It randomly spits out portal turret sound effects.

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