Introduction: Boss Monster Insert

If you own a copy of both Boss Monster 1 and Boss Monster 2, then you'll know that once you mix up all the cards, you're left with a game that doesn't really fit well in a single one of the boxes.

To fix this problem I've designed an insert that will combine the two containers into a single container to hold all the cards in a single container using some paper, glue and a couple magnets.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need the following items:


  • An exacto knife
  • Straight Edge

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

Print out the pattern onto some thick (card stock) paper, and using a straight edge and exacto knife, cut out the following:

  • 2 Large Pieces
  • 2 Small Pieces
  • 1 Strip Piece

Step 3: Assemble Large Piece

Using the straight edge, with the printed side of the large piece facing down, fold up all four outside tabs, as well as the four inside tabs.

Then with the scotch tape, secure all four corners together.

When finished, this should look like a lot like a tissue box.

Step 4: Assemble Small Piece

Take the smaller piece, with the printed side up and again using the straight edge, fold all four outside corners up.

Attach them together with scotch tape so that it looks a bit like a drawer.

Step 5: Connect Pieces

Add some white glue to the white side of the four inner tabs and then place the smaller piece on top of them. Press the tabs into the inner part of the small piece.

This may take a bit while the white glue dries, so keep pressing all around the tray until the two pieces are stuck together.

Step 6: Create a Second Insert

Repeat steps 3-5 to create a second insert.

Step 7: Attach Magnets

Working in pairs, start with two magnets together.

Separate the pair, and flip one of the magnets over.

Add some super glue to the bottom of the magnet, and then place it in the corner, near the center of the two completed trays.

Repeat for the other side.

Step 8: Attach Lids With Strip Piece

Take the remaining strip piece and fold it in half lengthwise.

Add some glue to it.

Take the lid from each boss monster game and make sure that they're lined up.

Affix the strip piece to the lids and hold in place long enough for the glue to hold the strip in place.

Step 9: Insert Inserts

Before you do this, make sure to allow a few hours for all the glue to be fully dry.

Take your two completed inserts, and making sure that the magnets end up away from the center strip, insert them both into the lids.

Step 10: Finished!

You can now place all of your cards inside the tray and close the lid!

Of course there's still a bit of a gap where the strip connects the two lids, so I recommend that use use an elastic to hold the two lids together until it's able to stay closed properly on its own.

Enjoy your new Boss Monster 1 & 2 insert!

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