Introduction: Botlowhao's Skateboard

As we know, in the late 1850s across the Pacific Ocean, the inventive descendants of Edison more or less turned the fantasies of the ancient Chinese people into reality. In the early fifties, the west coast of the United States was the place to try the tide. They use ordinary wood and expensive light wooden surfboards to have fun on the top of the waves. By the mid-1950s, molded polyurethane foam and fiberglass replaced wooden surfboards. The maneuverability and durability of these new surfboards made surfing popular in the late fifties. This led to the later double-warped skateboard, which is also my idea of designing this skateboard.

The whole
skateboard is 980.000mm in length, 400.000mm in width and 300mm in height.

Step 1:

Use line commands and curve commands to make sketches and stretch them into entities.Make the whole surface by mirroring the entity

Step 2:

Draw sketch, use stretch command and scan command to design slide bracket

Step 3:

The diameter of the wheel is 10cm, and the edge is filleted

Step 4:

Assemble the wheels and brackets

Step 5:

Assemble the rack and plate surface

Step 6:

Render the whole skateboard

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