Introduction: Bottle Assist

Hi there,

This instructable is a guide to create a tool to assist people with arthrosis to get a better grip on soda bottles so filling up a glass of water is more easy.

Step 1: BOM

Materials needed :

* 1 meter of aliminium profiles 20x2mm (2 pieces)

* O ring 23mm

* Bolt M6x25 (2 pieces) hex

* nut M6 (2 pieces)

Tools needed :

* drilling machine

* vise

* metal drill 6 mm

Step 2: Bend the Aliminium Profiles

Cut and fold the aluminium profiles.

Drill the holes in the correct positions.

Step 3: Assemble

Step 4: Final Result !!!


For the pro version, here are the steps to take :

Requierments :

Siemens NX

Required files :

Step 6: Manual for Editing CAD Files

Step 7: These Are the Step Files of the Handle That You Need to 3d Print or Mill