Introduction: Bottle Bombs

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Fun and fairly safe bombs, with easy to get ingredients.

Step 1: Get the Ingredients

I got everything for a dollar at Piggly Wiggly But almost any store should have these.

Baking Soda
Box of Tissues
Any bottle with a screw on lid

Step 2: Vinegar

The amount of vinegar in the bottle takes a important role in the bomb, mainly the type of explosion so you want to get just the right amount, I fill it up with about one filth vinegar, but whatever feels good for you.

Step 3: Baking Soda

The amount of Baking Soda is also important, if you put to much the lid will pop off (which is lame) if you don't put in enough it will either take a really long time to blow up or it wont blow up at all, put three or four table spoons of Baking Powder on the middle of the tissue and even it out. Then roll it up, it doesn't have to be extremely tight, just tight enough to fit in the bottle.

Step 4: The Fun Part

Now drop the Baking Soda roll into the bottle and quickly screw on the lid, and then shake it for a few seconds and throw it onto a hard flat place.