Introduction: Bottle Box From Pluwood.

I apologize for the error, english is not my native language ...

My hobby is making moonshine.
My friend asked for a bit of my product, and i decided to give him a gift box.


- Plywood 4mm

- Any glass bottle...

Step 1: Drawing a Drawing for a Laser Cutter

We measure the bottle to understand the dimensions of the box.

This time I decided to make the connection not on the spike, but on the latches.

I had previously created drawings of latches, it remains to add them to the boxes drawing...

Step 2: Cut the Plywood and Collect the Box and Make a Label for the Bottle

We send the drawing to the laser and cut pieces of plywood 4 mm thick.

After, collect the box.

You need to collect carefully, plywood latch can be broken!

A bottle without a label is not beautiful.
I came up with the name and design for my product and sent it to be engraved on 0.6 mm thick veneer.

When everything was ready I smeared the veneer with glue and stuck it to the bottle

Step 3: Put the Bottle in the Box ...

You already have a finished box.

You can see she's bigger than a bottle. If you want it not to hang out, the box needs to be filled. You can use decorative wood shavings.

But I do not have it (
I decided to make a plywood grating filling.

Measure the bottle-draw-collect ...

And... OOPS, does not fit ((((

Again - to measure the bottle-draw-collect ...

This time everything turned out, the bottl is very tight and does not move anywhere)

Step 4: Finish Photo...

It remains to fill the bottle and present to a friend!).