Introduction: Bottle Cap Bracelet (Harry Potter Edition)

This bracelet is super easyand took me under 3 minutes to make! So easy and super original, you can personalize it any way you want. Cool beads, cute pictures, anything you can imagine!

Step 1: Gathering Materials!

For this project all you'll need is :
-4 or 5 bottlecaps, depending on how big you need it,
-some pretty beads,
-streachy string,
-push pins,
-pretty pictures you would like to place in the middle of the bottlecaps.

Step 2: Poke Away!

Now it is time for the hardest part but the fun part as well. Using the push pin you have to poke holes on either side of the bottle cap. Remeber to keep them even with each other. **Because the bottle caps are metal you may need a heavey book to push the pin through**

Step 3: String It Together!

Now you'll have to weave the streachy string through the holes, depending on which way you want the bottle cap facing, you will have to string it through different sides. ***I apoligize the visibility isn't so great!***

Step 4: Finish It Off!

Add beads and pictures and anything else you want! Go Crazy with it! I took pictures of the four houses from  the Harry Potter series and glued them in the bottle caps after that I used the house colors for the beads.

Step 5: Vaulla!!!

Now you have your own bottle cap bracelet, created by you, and designed by you! I hope you enjoy it!!